Revenue Sharing Model

NodeSynapse offers lend-and-rent nodes, RDPs, TPUs, Web3 infrastructure, Web hosting, and GPU computing with a unique revenue-sharing model for token holders.

Revenue Sharing

Profit Sharing through Staking (RevShare)

NodeSynapse adopts a groundbreaking revenue-sharing model to incentivize token holders. A percentage of the fees generated from NodeSynapse ecosystem is distributed among NodeSynapse ($NS) token holders. This mechanism encourages community participation and long-term engagement, aligning the interests of users with the success of the platform.

Key Highlights:

  • Weekly payouts

  • A portion of the generated revenue (100%) will augment the subsequent Week’s pool, progressively increasing it.

  • A mandatory 7-day lockup period will be observed.

  • Total Revenue = Revenue Paid out

  • Topping up ones stake does not re-lock the 7 day period.

NOTICE: ⁃ Withdrawing $NS resets the 7-day lockup period.

How to get share of Revenue?

It’s very straight forward:

(Total tokens you staked / (divide by) Number of total tokens staked ) *( Multiply by) 100.

Is the share you get from total revenue share.

Example: you staked 100k $NS and total tokens staked 10 million and total revenue share is $50k.

(100000/10000000) * 100 = 1%

So you get 1% of $50k = $500

The more $NS tokens you stake, the higher the revenue share you will receive!


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